Washburn AB20 Bass Guitar

For me the thrill of playing an acoustic bass is in the piano-like tones. This Washburn delivers. The wood is thin enough to almost produce a tone just by rubbing a finger across the body. The neck is comfortable, a bit square feeling, with excellent action and nice fretwork. With the slotted sound holes it's one of the most unique looking. Tom has used this AB20 for several years and the neck is still dead straight. Problems? The input jacks are mounted in plastic frames and fragile. Washburn's Equis Preamp system offers a fair range of tones, all of them natural and organic sounding. More bottom end is available than with some other acoustic / electrics.
Washburn AB20 bass guitar and Fender Bassman 200 amp
Washburn AB20 bass guitar back view and Fender Bassman blond amp
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