Tom's P.A. Speaker Cabinets

O.K. this woofer / sub-woofer cabinet should be on the bottom and the mid / horn cabinet should be on top (it's hiding behind the Showman amp). We just unloaded them after a gig, so they are not arranged correctly. There are two more matching cabinets on the other side of the garage. They are home-made and sound really good. Plywood with fiberglass insulation, they usually provide only vocals and a bit of drums. In larger clubs some of the instruments are miked also. Usually these cabs are run with 2-way crossovers, unless some heavy lows are needed for keyboards or miking the bass and bass drum. When run with a 3-way crossover, this cab with the 15" JBL becomes the sub-woofer, and the other cab with 12" JBL and Altec horn pump the upper lows, mids and highs. The system is powered within a range of from 800 watts total to 2400 watts total (4 cabinets).

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