Tom's P.A. System

Here is a good multi purpose sound system, assembled piece by piece over the last eleven years. It serves as PA for the band gigs and rehearsals at Tom's exquisite garage/music room. It also makes a good quality recording system when coupled with his Fostex eight track (upper mid-left) or Teac four track reel to reel recorder (middle).

This picture is in Tom's garage but the arrangment is pretty much the same on stage because he runs the P.A. and plays bass at the same time. The tape recorders don't always show up for the gig, and the McIntosh power amp (for the monitors) usually does not have a stack of papers on top of it.

Starting from the top of the main rack, there's the Denon dual well cassette deck, then the Rane aural analyzer and graphic equalizers. The patch bay is next, then the heart of the rig, a Mackie sixteen channel stereo mixer.

For band gigs, the system is usually run mono - left channel as mains and right channel as monitors. This simplifies setup for different room eq and allows the use of three way crossovers for the well built, home made speaker system boasting (for stage left and right) a 1x15" cabinet with JBL speaker and a 1x12" JBL spkr. / Altec horn cabinet.

On the left is one of Tom's bass rigs, a smooth 'n heavy (like a boulder) early 70's Fender Jazz Bass leaning against the equally smooth 15" cabinet powered by a QSC amp and Yamaha pre-amp.
Rack / Power / Speakers / Mission Control / Monitor Amp
Mission Control

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