Tom's Amp Collection for Fender Lovers

Here's a collection of equipment to make you drool. Tom (our good friend) has been working on this arsenal for thirty plus years, beginning with the primo vintage Bassman Tweed (right front. Production date 12/1960--one of the last to be built) which he used exclusively during his musical adventures in high school (late '60s). His current stage rig consists of an EV 1x15" cabinet with a JBL speaker and the two custom built cabinets (left rear) powered by a 1500 watt Rane amp or 1000 watt QSC amp.

How about a matching pair of Fender blonde amps? The one in front is a Showman (prod. 7/1962) with a single 15" (JBL) cabinet, the one in back is a Bassman (prod. 12/1962) with two twelves.

There's also two Fender Reverb units; one tweed, one blonde (just for fun). Finally, the guitar he's had since it was new, a '60s Harmony built by Danelectro, with a classic Gibson humbucker in the bridge hole.

Tom wails on either his early '70s Fender Jazz Bass (the heaviest bass I ever lifted) finished in natural maple, or his '90s Precision Bass in blue. Tom also has a matching Fender Telecaster American Standard. Blue ain't your color? Here's a nice Fender '57 Strat Reissue in black. For those unplugged times Tom grabs his Gibson B25 Acoustic 12-String. Tom's most recent additions to his collection are the Washburn AB20 Acou/Elec Bass and a Fender Bassman 200 amp.

He also has an excellent multi-purpose sound system that serves as the band's PA, disco and recording rig.
Tom's amp collection
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