Fender Telecaster American Standard

ZING! Sure the word is cliche, but when you talk about the Telecaster "zing" fits perfectly. Try this experiment; grab the Les Paul, Strat, Iceman, Rick or whatever your main flame thrower happens to be, play it 'til the middle of the second set, then switch to that Tele you borrowed from your grandmother and take note of what happens. Can you suddenly hear yourself like never before? Do you amazingly feel like less of a squid? Does "zing" seem more appropriate than "twang"?

The Telecaster begs for energetic fingering. Even your fastest licks come out crisp and clear. Many Tele players use finger style pickin' and the sound ripping from their speakers is a near perfect blend of blazing speed and clarity. Rock? Jazz? Funk? No problem.

Comfortable neck, solid reliability, low maintenance. Just like everyone says; "That Tele tone cuts through the mix." There's nothing like a good basic Telecaster to solve the problems you never even knew you had.

Now go give Granny her ax back.
Fender Telecaster American Standard and Bassman blond amp

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