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Truss Rod Adjustment
Start by sighting down the length of the neck to see how straight it is. Some players prefer a straight neck and some prefer "relief" or a slight bowing upwards of the neck. No one prefers "warp" or a bowing downward of the neck. Now decide if you are still......continue.

Intonation, Action Adjustment
Heavier gauge strings stay in tune better, last longer and permit a more comfortable action without fret rattle. However, with heavier gauge strings you'll probably need to add an extra spring onto the whammy bar setup. This is necessary to maintain the proper......continue

Change Strings
Restringing your axe. Clean wraps and injury-free. Maybe.

Change Your Pickups
Changing pickups in your plank is almost as good as a new guitar. That's a fact. But if you fail to exercise a little caution, that new sound from your old axe could stink. Here's the scenario... Earl runs out and buys a trio of hot (your favorite brand) pickups for his Squier Strat because that's what......continue

Pickup Shootout
We tested these seven pickups in a 1998 Yamaha Pacifica 112....This group of pickups provided a few very nice trio options, and several combinations that didn't work well together....While the DiMarzio Humbucker was the most powerful, it was a bit......continue

Stage Sound
Some P.A. basics and a close look at a nice, typical sound system.

Record Your Gig
Make a demo... So now you've got three or four hours of tape. Your band is recorded on a permanent medium. Did you listen to it as soon as you got home from the gig? Did you remember to turn off the recorder during the breaks? Did you listen with headphones and hear what those chicks at the front table were really saying about the band? Were you happy with your performance on stage? These questions and many more will be answered during the next few days as you mix down the gig-tape and create the master for......continue

weatheredperformer by Paul Chase at
"weatheredperformer" by Paul Chase at Graphic Guitars
Image used by permission.