Hagstrom Swede Bass Guitar

This all mahogany bass is Hagstrom's version of the Les Paul bass by Gibson. The neck is fairly narrow with a flat fretboard radius. This is a comfortable axe to move around quickly on, even with the rounded profile neck back. The two humbuckers provide a wide range of nice clean tones. The fit and finish on this beauty is excellent and the dark natural mahogany grain is attractive. The only bad points are that it weighs a ton, and it is moderately neck heavy.
Hagstrom Swede bass guitar
Pat's 1974 Swede bass pictured above is equipped with enough tone modifiers to make any clickswitch enthusiast babble with delight. Every tone is useful, however with so many options it takes some study time to learn the switcheroo routine.

If this axe weighed a bit less, I wouldn't hesitate to use it for every gig. But for now, one set per night is all I can endure. On the up side, we've used it to record several demo songs and it truly shines in the studio. Just a direct box and into the board.
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