Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

This version of the Strat is a supreme knockout, photographs simply cannot convey the real-life impact of the grain and finish. Fender has come up with a winner in their new pickups. Here's what Crag has to say about his most recently acquired axe.
Fender Strat American Deluxe
"This is an American Deluxe Strat, a new model for 2001. It has stacked humbuckers with a boosted bridge pick-up, They are called Vintage-Noiseless pick-ups. It gets the early Fender pick-up sound without the hum. Each setting of the 5 position switch has a unique and distinct tone. It is made from ash, and has a custom shop finish of teal green transparent. A maple neck with hand rolled edges. This is a sweet guitar. I knew it was a special one the minute I picked it up and played it. It grabbed me right away and I knew I had to have this particular guitar, and I am glad I got it. Although I have not had much time to play it I am looking forward to playing it more this summer."
Fender Strat American Deluxe back view

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