Fender Stratocaster '57 Reissue and Bassman '59 Tweed

This Fender Strat '57 reissue makes you want to just keep playing on and on. The neck profile and maple fret board encourage heavy finger activity. The tones and intonation are dead on. Very aggressive players will dig the axes strong attack. The 21 fret neck has nice wide fret spacing up high, solos played above the twelfth fret are a breeze. The guitar radiates a vibe that inspires experimentation and antics.

Tom's Strat pictured below is loaded with a trio of Fender Custom Shop pickups and strung with a set of 10's. I can't stop playing this thing once I get started.
Fender Strat 1957 reissue and 1959 Bassman Tweed
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No need to say much here. This is the amp that all the blues players would sell their mothers for. The original '59 has only a master gain control for each channel so the volume must be cranked up a little high before that magic tone happens, but the tone is there, and it is magic. It does have inputs for either bright or normal channels, and each channel has its own volume and tone knobs. Tom's amp pictured above is loaded with two of the original speakers on top and two JBL K110 speakers on the bottom. The JBL's add some nice sparkle and clarity. I've played this amp with all four original drivers installed and it was great, but I prefer the current setup. It's more versatile with the JBL's added yet the tone is still Bassman. Here's what Tom says about the Bassman.
"Over the years as a Tweed owner I have heard various reasons for the Bassman's fame:

It has four input jacks with two volume levels. This meant one could plug in vocal mikes and set a different volume from the instruments. Very important if the whole group used just one amp. In my first band we used every input on the twin 12" SilverTone and a blond Bassman.

Four speakers! Loud! but if one blows up it is easily unplugged. The first time I ever saw a tweed Bassman, a guy was playing bass through it with blown speakers. The Jensen A10's are not adequate for real bass.

A true 50 Watts into four 8 ohm speakers.
The warmness of 20% Fender Distortion."

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