Ramirez 1A Concert Classical Guitar

Crag has had many classical guitars in his hands (he's an instructor), and if he claims this is the one that makes him happiest, I can certainly understand why. You would not believe the tone and projection. Here's his version of the story.

"This 1982 Ramirez 1A Concert is a classical guitar of the first quality. I purchased it so I could have a nice instrument to use in graduate school. The finish on it is as bright and beautiful as the day I got it. This instrument has a Spanish cedar soundboard with straight and narrow grain that is consistently spaced. The soundboard edges are inletted with multiple dark/wood -light/wood purfling, and the outermost corner/edge is bound in Indian rosewood. An underlayment of light wood separates the rosewood binding from the highly figured bookmatched Indian rosewood sides. The light wood binding extends to the butt of the guitar. There is no end pin at the butt seam, so the precise mitered binding can cross the seam and continue its decorative trail along the lower edge of each side. The back halves of the instrument are also bookmatched Indian rosewood."
Ramirez 1A Concert classical guitar
"The back has the same purfling, which follows the perimeter of the backboard until nearing the head and tailblock. Here again the mitered corners turn into purfling, and two parallel lines highlight the center seam of the guitar's back. The neck of the traditional Spanish construction, with a two-piece heel with a one-piece headblock/heelblock design. A strip of ebony is laminated into the center of the two neck halves for structural support. The peghead is slotted in the classical tradition and boasts exposed gear tuning machines with gold hand-engraved side plates and lush mother-of-pearl knobs. The peghead face is veneered with Indian rosewood, and the neck has a dense black ebony fretboard with a bone nut. There are no fretboard inlays or side position markers. The rosewood bridge features a bone saddle and a bone bordered harness for securing the string ends. The entire instrument is finished in a high-gloss lacquer, showing the rich red-colored cedar of the soundboard, and the exotic rosewood patterns of the back and sides. The rosette is a bouquet of red roses entwined by green stems. The tone, action, intonation, amplitude, balance, materials, and quality workmanship make this one of the most desirable concert guitars today and forever."
Ramirez 1A Concert classical guitar back view

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