Peavey Ultra 112 Combo amp

I have pretty much accepted the fact that I will always be behind the times. Musically speaking, I've finally moved out of the sixties and into the seventies. Where gear is concerned, thank goodness I'm not quite so lost in the past.

Peavey quit producing the Ultra 112 Combo amp a few years back, and I've just recently discovered what a super little box it is. This sixty watt, all tube animal is one of the best amps I have ever used... no joke. Sure, true to Peavey's reputation as affordable merchandise, this amp is not in the same league as Matchless, Mesa Boogie or Vox small amps, but it comes very close. Where sound quality per dollar is concerned this thing is the absolute best bargain of 'em all. Peavey has biased the tubes towards silent operation rather than hyper sensitivity, which is the way I prefer. Any good amp technician can re-bias it to provide a more Mesa Boogie type response, but I recommend trying it with the factory specs for a while. Not bad at all. The clean channel is sparkling clean and the two levels of overdrive provide plenty of hot rod snarl for almost any occasion. At idle you do not hear a sound. No hiss, no popping. Nothing but beautiful, pristine silence. Crank up the volume, bang on the strings and you are rewarded with real tube sounds, excellent dynamics and feel.

The twelve inch Sheffield speaker compliments the package with its tones and response similar to Celestion. The switchable cabinet emulation works well at gig volume levels. The enclosed (hidden) preamp tubes may prove to be a weak point although I doubt they will suffer any overheating problem.
Peavey Ultra 112 amp front view
Any complaints I have about this amp would be just nitpicking. It would be nice to have seperate eq controls for the overdrive channels, but that's no big deal. The effects loop would work better if they had included volume in and out controls on the backside. Again, no big deal. This thing is heavier than most single twelve combo amps, but it's solidly built and should last a lifetime. Still it is lighter than any dual twelve combo I've lifted. It's plenty loud for most club gigs, and the sound on stage is big.... surprisingly big. Nice reverb too. Not quite Fender quality, but good enough. The footswitch is small, crowded and maybe a bit cheap. Bigfoot will be forced to tippy toe the buttons.

Bottom line? If you're shopping for a good used, one twelve tube amp, the Peavey Ultra 112 will put you on equal terms with a Fender Hot Rod amp for a hundred bucks less. Go buy your girlfriend a pizza and tattoo with the cash you saved.
Peavey Ultra 112 amp back view