'62 Fender Showman Amplifier
'98 Precision Bass Guitar

Here's a good rig for small to medium club gigs. Because the Showman is a guitar amp, you may be wondering why that Precision Bass is coupled with it. It's because the Showman makes a better bass amp than the '62 Bassman pictured elsewhere on our pages. The sealed back cabinet and single JBL 15 inch speaker contribute to the bass worthiness of this thunder pump. The original 12 inch JBL was replaced with a "new style" 15 incher several years ago (the old style wouldn't fit in the cabinet). I'm sure all you technician cats and vintage dudes out there just choked on your escargot when you saw that the speaker swap was done, but this amp sounds great with guitar, bass or keyboards plugged into it. Yes, keyboards (mono). It's used regularly for all three. As a matter of fact, we plugged a Yamaha Electric Grand Piano into it for the first time last night and it was a gas.

The amp's nice vibrato is seldom used, no reverb. For guitar use, we grab a matching Fender Tube Reverb unit and the Ibanez TS9 stompbox.
Fender Precision Bass and Blond Showman amp
The Fender Precision Bass has a tight, punchy and slightly thin tone that fits all styles of music and will give you a bad case of the boogie feet. Loads of fun to play, although the neck may not be perfect for smaller hands. The Jazz Bass is probably a better choice if you have stubby little sausage fingers. The maple fretboard increases the attack factor. Tom keeps this blue jewel strung with Fender medium gauge flatwounds, it plays slicker than okra slime. I've tried a couple of older Precision Basses that had huge necks, a real challenge.
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