Gibson Melody Maker 1964

My guess is that most players hold tightly onto their (stubborn) opinions about what constitutes a good guitar. You salivate at the thought of a PRS, Brian Moore, or Parker Fly and everything else leaves you cold. Then there are the low priced, plain Jane guitars with nothin' but wood and paint. How could those cheapo weenie axes be anything but ice cubes? Well, here's how... in one word, personality. Personality is one of the great equalizers in life, and in real life this cute little 3/4 sized nerd just stomps all over some of the big boys.

This '64 Melody Maker was professionally refinished some years back. It's really nice looking, and the grain showing through the finish appears to be a primo chunk 'o wood. Crag can make this thing hammer with his fingerstyle blues solos. It's also a cool rocker. It has most of the elements that made the LP popular, but on a slightly smaller scale. Smallness just adds to the fun.
Crag playing his Gibson Melody Maker

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