Mesa Boogie Maverick

Tube, Dual rectifier, 35 watt Class A
1x12, 2x12, 4x10 spkrs.
The Maverick is one of Mesa's more versatile amps. Fishing is required for just the right sound because small adjustments make big changes. Your patience is rewarded with a huge variety of shrieks. Clean enough for country pickin' and dirty enough for most everything else. Sounds best when the volume is cranked up above 6. Mesa's workmanship is near perfect.
Mesa Boogie Maverick amp
Mike has replaced the tubes once during the five years he's had this amp with a matched, specific rated set from Mesa Boogie ($100 plus): six 12AX7, four EL84, one 5AR4. He switches back and forth between the solid state rectifier and tube rectifier. When I used the amp, it would always end up in the solid state mode. I don't know what it was that I preferred about the s.s. rectifier, maybe the mids weren't quite so strong and harsh. The Maverick really comes together and shines at a higher volume. At lower volumes it seems a bit unpredictable. Not bad by any means, just kinda touchy.

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