Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1956

Oh, man! The sounds flowing out this sweet thing can inspire tears of joy in even the most jaded Strat cat. Every Les Paul enthusiast would no doubt be moved upon listening to Randy Russ play his '56 Goldtop. You can hear the wood resonate with a depth unmatched by any newer LP. The P90 pickups sustain like 'buckers and produce a true organic voice. He's been grooving-up audiences in and out of town with this axe since purchasing it from a pawn shop up north during the 60's. Hidden beneath the gold finish (but exposed where the paint has long since been pick-stroked away) is a beautiful cap of flamed maple. The axe has been re-fretted twice in four decades. Eat your hearts out.
1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

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