Legend A60 Amplifier

The small Legend amps are not do-it-all tools, but they have their own unique identifiable tone; you'll recognize it when you hear it. Last built in the U.S.A. in the early 1980's, Legend gave the other amp manufacturers a serious challenge for several years. The A60 has two switchable channels, reverb, dual stage overdrive and controls for low, mid and high eq and presence. There's also a parallel effects loop with level controls. The clean channel sparkles or can be overdriven to the point of mild blues distortion, the dirty channel provides max overdrive. Two tubes in the preamp and a solid state power section contribute to its one of a kind sound.
Legend A60 Amp with 1975 Ibanez Artist mod.2613
When an effects processor is used (currently a DOD Tec8G), the 12ax7 preamp tubes are replaced with 12at7's. The A60 1x12" combo pictured here was bought from a friend in 1997. The original speaker had been replaced with a very bluesy Kendrick speaker, but it died recently and was replaced with a Peavey Black Widow. Compared to the Kendrick, the 8 ohm Peavey speaker boosted the volume and increased the effective range of the tone controls. Both improvments were a pleasant surprise. We also have a 4 ohm basket for the Peavey speaker that is certain to be tried in the near future. Wow, even MORE volume. The dirty channel was also tweaked by Kendrick and the end result is an amp that works well for blues, rock and surf. Wonderful little amps in beautiful oak cabinets. My main box for small to medium club gigs.

More Legend info. Thanks to Tres F. for sending this email.

"Here is a little Legend information for you"
Legend amps were made from 1978 to 1984. The series were as follows:

A-30, A-60, Rock 'N' Roll 50, Rock 'N' Roll 100, Super Lead 50, Super Lead 100
The Super Lead series were the Rock 'N Roll amps with an added bass boost and reverb.
Combos with 1 X 12" speaker or 2 X 12" speaker.
Heads with speaker cabinets.
Cabinets had 1, 2, or 4 X 12" speakers with open or closed backs, some ported.
Legend A60 Amp Control Panel. From left to right; off-on switch; polarity sw.; standby sw.; reverb; presence; bass; mid; treb; stage2 tube drive; ch.1 volume; ch.1 (stage 1 tube drive); ch.2 volume; ch.2 (stage 1 tube drive); Hi-Low Inputs. Amp defaults to channel 2 (distortion) if no footswitch is present.
Legend A60 Amp rear view with 8-ohm Peavey Black Widow speaker 12in.