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Larry's guitar and amp collection

In the very back middle is a 1957 Fender String master lap slide. It is the medium length, I'll have to get back to you with the exact dimension, It is a double six with the upper neck tuned to E6, and the lower neck is usually tuned to G.

L to R on the next row; 2002 Fender Custm shop BassBreaker. This is a 59 Bassman reissue with two 12" Vintage 30 Celestion Speakers in a finger jointed pine cabinet with laquered tweed, this amp really pushes a lot of air, more like a milkshake than a frozen Margarita. Next is a 59 Bassman reissue LTD, this is my main amp and it is almost beyond description. 40 watts into 4 10" Jensen reissue 10PR speakers, also with laquered tweed and finger jointed pine cab., these ship from Fender with Groove Tubes 6L6C-GE power tubes and GT Mullard reissue 12AX7's. I'm sure you recognise the next one as A Fender VibroKing. This is a 2000 model with a 6V6 reverbbbbb driver, which I have opted to change out with a NOS RCA 6K6GT for a Dick Dale sounding reverbbbbb. To the far right is a 1964 Pro Reverb, 40 watts, Point to Point wired with 2 12" Utah speakers, somewhere along the way someone spray painted the grill cloth black. I may try some Naptha to try and bring it back to original.

L to R next row: Taylor 312-CE, this is my main acoustic, with onboard electronics and pre-amp, it sounds great acoustic or electric. Mahogany Back and sides with a spruce top and ebony fretboard. Bob Taylor knows what he's doing. Next 2000 P Bass, what can I say, I've been afraid to take it beyond the 5th fret and it sounds great up to there. Next is my Taylor 914-C, this is a auditorium size acoustic rosewood back and sides, Engleman Spruce top, and a "smiley face" bridge ( an attempt by taylor to prevent cracking on the bridge,) I bought this guitar new in 1999. It has a Baggs "double barrel" Pick up, mic combo. This guitar rarely comes out of the case, but when it does this is the most expressive, vibrant, musical guitar I have ever played (yes I am prejudiced.) I hope you recognise the next one, my 1990 Strat plus, this one has the swimming pool rout under the pickguard, and is loaded with lace sensor's red bridge, blue middle, and gold bridge. this one also has a replacement Fender/Wilkinson roller nut bridge and Sperzel tuners.Next is a 60DN squareneck resonator made by Dobro, this was one of the last ones to ship from Dobro before they were sold to Gibson Montana, it was shipped the day before the company changed hands, this one also defies description, suffice to say it's a dobro. Proximo es un 1959 Fender "Champion" six string lap slide, this thing is a real money maker, and has that classic Fender juju thing goin' on, slide on. Then we come to my number 1, a 2002 custom shop 51 Nocaster reissue, I could go on for days about this guitar, 71/4" radius C neck with vintage frets, Kluson tuners, Nocaster P'ups from the custom shop, a one piece swamp ash body, Nitro cellulose finish , and if tone were ducks I'd be up to my ass in feathers, a really, really nice instrument. Next is an American Vintage 62 reissue, although this is a team built, it's every bit as nice as any one off, I got really lucky with this one. On the far right is my 1983 Gibson Les Paul spotlight. This is # 180 of 247 made. All hardware is gold plated with nicely matched AAAA Flame maple cap. The P'ups are PAF.

Front left is a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, it is hard to say, but it is only the finest sounding delay on the market. Two 12AX7s, and one 12AU7 really warm things up and it is last in line in my effects line up. This is my pedal board, a piece of plexiglass with velcro strips. to the right is a Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedal-->Carl Martin compressor-->Boss TU-2 tuner-->T.C. Jauernig Luxury Drive-->Keeley Modded BD-2(blues driver)-->fulltone FD-2, all powered by the pedal power.

And finally is a Kendrick reverb unit, made in Pflugerville texas, and is a very good copy of a 63 fender.

Larry and Strat made of 100 year old pine at a gig.
Larry and his Strat made of 100 year old pine, with The Mojo Blasters at a gig.

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