Larrivee L-09

Larrivee has done wonders with their L series guitars. These beautiful and expertly built acoustics are sized midway between dreadnought and classical. The L-09 steel string models produce a tone and volume that defy the smaller dimensions. The neck provides a smooth feel and low action that remains stable and true even when changing to open tunings (we dropped down to a low C tuning and the guitar literally boomed out wonderful sounds).
Larrivee L09 acoustic guitar front view
Life long friend and cowpoke Henry purchased this baby more than three years ago. It was used, and had been professionally repaired. The job was cleanly performed (minor damage) and the axe has been a delight to play. A delight until a couple of months ago. Before I continue, let it be known that few acoustic guitars survive the hot, dry west Texas climate. Sadly the L-09 fell victim this past Spring and the bridge split across the string peg holes. Henry has been almost religious in his use of a humidifier or apple slice (the axe really smells nice) to keep the wood happy. As I said, you won't find many acoustics without split wood or rising bridges in this desert. Actually, the split bridge hasn't caused any tuning problems, or any problems that we can detect; until it does, a repair won't be pursued.

Strung with white bronze, medium gauge strings and kept in a few different open tunings (Henry can really belt out some Kottke tunes), this axe is definitely worth repairing again. If you look closely at the photo you can see the beautiful abalone inlay glistening around the sound hole. This thing has the nicest neck and action of any acoustic guitar I've ever played.

Here's something to dwell on: I prefer the tone of a dry acoustic to that of a well humidified one, especially for recording. Dry wood sustains and rings out so much nicer. It's like the difference between playing on primo wood and playing on a sponge. How do I deal with this dilemma? I take the logical, lazy approach and never humidify my axes. Needless to say, I've never owned an acoustic guitar for more than a few years at a time. Please, no hate mail.
Larrivee L09 acoustic guitar back view