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If you're not in a hurry, I recommend listening to The Guitar Chasers Podcast while flipping through our Guitar Art Gallery which inludes a simple trivia game. We hope your trip through our website is a pleasant one. Here, at Guitar Chasers of Texas, we have assembled this site with the intention of showing you some of the musical gear that we've found impressive during our decades of gigging experiences. Our featured guitars rate highly for their musical value (that groovy combination of great sound, good playability and reasonable cost), and most of them can be easily found new and used around the world. We offer you photos and brief evaluations for most of the guitars and amps shown on our pages. These are some of our favorites.

You will also find our Tech Pages which include helpful tips for busy musicians and an easy to follow article with step by step routines for quick guitar set up. Action, intonation, truss rod adjustment, re stringing and pickups are explained. Check out the more than 100 gig tips for excellent, immediate advice. Click around, have some fun, and thanks again for checking us out.

Look Into My Eyes by Tina Coggins at

Look Into My Eyes by Tina Coggins at:
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Music and Podcast

Listen to some great indie artists
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Today featuring west Texas band -
• PCG - performing Little Red Rooster live. 1996.
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• Guitar Chasers Podcast - only music

Guitar Art Gallery
Here are some fantastic fine art paintings and sketches of guitars by Paul Chase. This is a small sampling of his works on display at Graphic Guitars. Just looking at Paul's website melted my bifocals and set my eyebrows ablaze. Imagine what one of his full sized pieces would do for your rehearsal suite or man-cave. Visit his website and you'll understand what I mean. My thanks to Paul Chase for allowing Guitar Chasers to display many of his artworks on this website.
mojomakN'sg by Paul Chase at

Gear Reviews and Impressions

• Acoustic Guitars
• Electric Guitars
• Bass Guitars
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• Effects


• Guitar and Amp Collections
Fender, Gibson, Hagstrom, Hamer, Ibanez, PRS, Korg, Mesa, Marshall, Washburn, vintage, classicals

Tech Pages

• Tech Menu

Do the Guitar Chasers quick guitar set up. Eliminate your tuning problems and annoying fret rattle in one afternoon. Intonation, action, truss rod, string changing, pickups.

Record your next gig, mix down the best tunes, make a demo. Here's How. When it's down on tape and smokin', a high energy gig can help land new gigs for your band. Do it yourself, save time and money.

Why Change Pickups? Because it's a practical way to sound different. There are hundreds of options. Make any guitar sound like any other. We tested seven different pickups in a Yamaha Pacifica 112. Our favorite combination was an eye opener.

• Live Sound 101
Some p.a. basics and a close look at a nice, typical system.

hideaway by Tina Coggins at

Gig Tips

• Gig Tips Pages

Recovering from blunders on stage, effects advice, proper behavior on stage and dealing with bloodshot eyes and other ugliness.

Bringing a following to the gig and leaving your equipment overnight at the club.

"Dude, I know you guys are a heavy metal band, but the Cyndi Lauper song is your best stuff. That was hot!"...

The difference between a gig and a show. Bandmate equality and playing sweet songs in an outlaw biker bar.

The thunder machine and faking it on stage.

Injured fingertips tips, your bag of songs, slanted single coil pickup fix, bad songs revisited and a new ear.

Do you have another voice hiding inside? Jamming songs you've never heard. Bass things, string things, schmoozing and more.

Selecting the right equipment for your journey to success.

Choosing songs. Bad singers, ant-eaters, slow songs, stage volume and more.

Butchering the classics, and your brother in law.

Funky-cheap repairs for your old guitar case. Unpleasant gigs. Insects and more.

• Gig Tips Pages

pinkstrappedtele by Paul Chase at