1985 Hamer Special

This U.S.A. built Hamer is not your average double humbucker equipped axe even though the white plain-Jane finish and plankish looking double cutaway body may lead you to think "blah" rather than "wow". Take a closer look. Better yet, play the thing for a while and you'll realize how deceiving its appearance can be. Solid mahogany body, mahogany set neck construction, DiMarzio pickups, nice fretwork and the finish is really smooth. Patterned after the Gibson LP Special, the Hamer out-shines the original in several ways. It sounds RIGHT regardless of how the guitar's tone knob is adjusted. It also has a more forgiving quality to it. It's a good idea to get a little wild and crazy on this thing, the guitar actually encourages antics. The neck profile and shorter length scale respond best to a light, fleeting touch as opposed to squeeze tight and bang hard playing styles. Hamer builds some of the nicest guitars available.
Hamer Special electric guitar

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