Hagstrom 3

A great alternative to an Asian axe. Thin is the word with this one. Thin neck, thin body, fun to boogie on. The two pickup version (Hagstrom 2) sounds a little thicker in the bridge pickup mode compared to the Hagstrom3, but it's useful tone in either guitar. The other pickup modes are very cool. Single coil tones but less bite than a Stratocaster. The Hag 2 is a good blues / rock axe. The three pickup version (Hag 3) is neat for surf / rock / country. Individual on/off switches for the pickups are a bit distracting and clumsy to use, but you eventually grow accustomed to it.
Hagstrom 3 electric guitar
The neck plays nicely and the overall feel is short and small. You might like the whammy contraption, I don't. Still, a swinging little guitar to hold on to. Old Hagstrom axes are fairly available around the country. This particular Hagstrom 3 has been Pat's favorite for several years and features a switchable, out of phase wiring modification. It has the ultimate surf guitar tones.
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