Hagstrom 1 Bass Guitar

It's not enough to have JUST a plastic pickguard. Hagstrom pegged everyone's cheeze-meter when they designed their pickguard as an integral piece of the Hagstrom I series axes. Many minds were blown when the company from Sweden created this model using plastic for the entire top of the body.

Here's the funny thing. Even though these basses look like a child's toy, they are an absolute blast to play!
Hagstrom 1 bass guitar
They actually sound pretty hot and the short scale neck will make you think twice about ever playing a full sized bass again. If you're a guitar player who sometimes plays bass during a gig, this axe can make the transitions back and forth far less painful.

Be extra careful with the input jack. That plastic gets brittle after thirty-plus years, and one hard jerk on the cable could destroy the top of your axe-toy.
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