Gibson Les Paul - Gary Moore Signature

Gibson has at last made available the pickups longed for by so many players for so many years. The Burstbuckers produce tones faithful to those of the greatest classic rock 'n roll Les Paul players, including Gary Moore ("Still Got the Blues" is right there in your hands). The lack of binding around body or neck serves to enhance the beauty of the primo flamed top in lemon burst and LP Standard inlays. The neck is chunkier than the Standard, with jumbo frets and rosewood fretboard. Phil's guitar below weighs less than any Les Paul I have played. Judging from the user reviews at Harmony Central, the weight may vary considerably from ax to axe. The tones are more crisp and organic sounding. The neck pickup is "backward" or magnetically out of phase and offers a real thrill. My opinion; those other Les Paul models don't seem so special anymore. Meet the new champ.
Phil's Gary Moore Sig. LP in lemon burst.

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