Gibson Trini Lopez 1966

Crag purchased this axe new in 1966, and it has aged beautifully. This is his rundown on the important skinny....

"Here is some info on the Trini: it is a thinline archtop it is 16" wide and has a 24.75" scale neck. The tune-o-matic bridge with a trapeze tailpiece. The pick guard is beveled, and it has a matching black and white layered truss rod cover. I know it is a 1966, and that was the 3rd year of production. Gibson made 485 of them that year, and made them for 7 years from 64-70 and made 1966 of them total. Cool. It has the PAFs with double black coil humbucking pickups. The metal parts are nickel plated, and it has a fantail bridge. The hardware is like a 335 and the body is similar to the 345 in that the wood is solid maple. It has a neck to tail piece interior block of maple, and it actually consists of a solid core with two acoustic cavities. It has a rosewood finger board with split-diamond inlays starting at the 3rd fret, diamond shaped F holes, and a Firebird 6 in a row head. I had black Sperzel tuners put on it. The body, top and back, F holes, and neck are single bound. It also has a custom made brass nut on it. The pick guard is a layered black and white, but I took it off, since I play with my fingers, and I do not like them. They get in my way. The Trini is one of my favorite instruments, and has always been my stand-by ax. I have used it more than all of my other electric guitars put together. Maybe that is because I have had it the longest, but it just might be my favorite one of all."
1966 Gibson Trini Lopez guitar

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