Gibson L50 1946

Some of this guitar's past history is known. For thirty years or more it belonged to an inmate at the Nebraska State Pen. One can only wonder what circumstances brought about the scuffs and scars scattered over much of the (original) finish. Peering closely at the back reveals beautiful tiger flame maple and a mahogany neck.
1946 Gibson L50 guitar body front view
Crag's guitars are all "players" rather than "dust trophies" so a fret job (jumbo nickel) was recently done. Other than that, the guitar is all original. The rosewood fretboard and bridge are in good condition. The original metal and rosewood tailpiece is intact and mounted securely to the body. The axe stays in tune and feels surprisingly comfortable.

What about the tone? It's not quite as loud as its round sound holed cellmates, but it has just enough bottom end thump and the strong mids reward your vigor with snappy dynamic responses. Whether strumming campfire favorites, finger picking folk tunes or churning out jazz and blues chops, this tough old goat still has a golden voice.
Gibson L50 full front view
Gibson L50 body back view

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