Gibson L01 Parlor Guitar 1912

1912 Gibson L1 guitar body front view
With a hand carved, arched beech top and back and mahogany neck, the L1 has a very bright mid/high tone that projects well beyond what its small size would lead you to expect. The ebony bridge and fretboard are hard like a rock. The guy that re-fretted (jumbo nickel) this baby said he wore out two grinder bits doing the job. Sometime during this guitar's life the original tuners were replaced with premium (at the time) 1932 gizmos. The original bridge was replaced, most likely at the same time, with a 1920 Lloyd Lore patented bridge (another primo modification). Crag did a clean repair of the original metal and tortoiseshell tailpiece and refinished the guitar. I wonder what the first tune was strummed on this axe. Maybe "Skip to My Loo"?
1912 Gibson L1 guitar front view

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