Gibson B25 12-string

The smaller body makes for a more comfortable gig, but wear a non slippery strap or else the headstock takes a dive for the floor. I'm not completely accustomed to twelve strings anymore so the neck feels enormous to me. The action is nice and low and the neck still straight after thirty years. This cherry sunburst beauty sounds full and rich when amplified using a magnetic pickup. Unplugged, the tone is a cool, meaty mid-strong blast.
Gibson B25 12-string guitar front view
The back of the axe is attractive but there's nothing really special here (well, the tone is special) just real mahogany. For recording, the magnetic pickup is run to one channel and a mic to another. The mic is placed from ten to thirty inches away from the hole, off center. The two channels are then blended as appropriate during mixdown, with effects. The sound is superb.
Gibson B25 12-string guitar back view
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