Kramer "The Duke" Headless Bass

This cool little bass will change your attitude about bass playing after just one gig. The new found freedom of movement on stage is only the start (no more smacking the rhythm guitarist in the face with a tuning key accidentally). The light weight and small dimensions give you the freedom to safely jump all around the bandstand. It feels like a shotgun. The tuners are small standard style so you must use only short scale strings, but at least you don't have to chase down double ball end strings like those used on other Steinberger Bass copies. The single pickup has a killer rock tone.
The Duke bass by Kramer
The short scale bolt-on neck is made of aluminum (T shaped cross section and wood inserts), with a comfortable profile and should work with large or small handed players. However, should the neck become warped there is no worthwhile repair other than replacement. The only playing problem I ever experienced with The Duke was due to the lack of a headstock. Sometimes when I'd make a lightning fast reach for the first fret, my hand would go flying off the end of the neck and I'd be fingering air. Or the lead guitarist's armpit.

The small, standard guitar tuners make it necessary to use only short scale strings (because the winding tapers to a smaller diameter at the ends). The string holes in the tuners are small, for regular guitar strings. Medium gauge flatwounds make this axe a real greasebanana and are worth the required frequent replacements.

The Duke is, for sure, the single most fun bass I have ever played.
The Duke bass back view