D O D TEC 8 Grunge
Multi Effects Processor

It's been many years since these first showed up, there most likely are plenty of used TEC8G processors now available at bargain prices. Don't be surprised to find a new one somewhere, seriously discounted.

The TEC8G is a painless and affordable way to step into the multi effects universe, a good choice if you are one whom is hesitant to commit to effects in a big way, but still want to have some fun and possibly even sound better in the process. It offers enough options to provide a genuine kick in the pants without being overly complicated. It is more than just an entry-level or beginners unit, most of the effects sound fine on stage, but it lacks the luxury and depth of more expensive processors.

Oh, by the way, it's made of plastic. Heavy wah pedal dancing will drive this point home rather quickly. The clean effects (delay, chorus, flange, etc.) are the best part of the menu and there are ALMOST enough distortion options to please any fuzz pervert. I say ALMOST because this is the first serious flaw in the TEC8G, with nearly a hundred distortion voices to choose from not a single one is right for blues soloing. Feel free to go bananas with the grunge and heavy fuzz (both are good) settings, but look for another way to get your blues fix. The noise gate is essential when using many of the distortion settings. The compressor works o.k. but is limited to ten levels, twenty levels would allow finer adjustments. The "swell" is a cool effect, similar to "reverse" effects.

This thing sounds good in stereo and novelty effects are also included, octave, harmonizer and detune are cool but limited. The expression pedal can be assigned to modify various parameters of the chosen effects in real time. There are also two of the most horrible noises I've ever had the honor of spewing from my amp; pixellator and ring modulator, both are obscene and will quickly offend almost any music loving human. Maybe I should experiment with them more often.

Editing your selections (three per bank) is simple and quick, however wandering through all the options is time consuming. Stomp button activation is logical and hassle free, ALMOST. Here surfaces the second serious flaw with the TEC8G, you can move only forward through the banks. To get to any banks behind the current setting, you are required to dance your way up to bank #9, then #0 and on to your destination. Someone biffed big time.

The DOD TEC8G is one of many choices available for less than $200. It's a good unit, but not the best. It's semi-rugged plastic construction will succumb to time. It's lots of fun for not much money. It's a sensible choice for some of us.
DOD Tec8 effects, Yamaha Pacifica 112 guitar, Legend A60 amp