Crate GX40 C amp

It may be different in your part of the world, but here in my town you'll find used small Crate amps everywhere. That means you can usually pick one up for peanuts. Often less than a hundred bucks. For that kind of small change the Crate is a bargain. It's not without drawbacks however, and any little Crate you find may suffer from the same problems that seem to surface frequently. My only complaint is that the switches and pots get noisy and stop functioning after a short time (within two years in my case). I've experienced the same problem on almost every one I've been exposed to. On the positive side, these kickers make it easy to dial in a happenin' tone. Although there are a variety of sounds available, the settings on my Crates would always hover within one small range.

This cool little stereo chorus amp has a suprisingly full sound considering its low wattage and two eight-inch speakers. There is a limit as to where this critter will suffice. Beyond dinner club gigs and jazz gigs in small rooms, its probably best to consider this just a groovy practice amp (it would be good if miked through the PA). I've used the amp pictured here for a few rock gigs, and I admire its spunk; cranked up to 10 all night and no problems. This was in a really small club. I had a GX80 Crate for a couple of years and truly loved it, even more than I have loved some of my expensive amps. Got a lot of compliments on the tone, too.
Crate GX40C amp