Crag's Collection

Crag owns one of the baddest heaps of guitars and amps I've ever put my hands on. Here he's seen playing his mahogany Fender acoustic. He makes his own slides from a variety of bottles. This axe spits buckshot with an open G tuning and green glass slide. For electric duty, the Gibson Country Gentleman can cover a variety of styles with its smooth tones. Should the "Gent" prove too mild mannered and uptown when the blues (or rock) begin happening, the natural transition comes in the form of a '66 Gibson Trini Lopez model archtop. This one is in top condition.

If the celebration calls for yet more of an edge, Crag grabs one of his sunburst, gold plated Fender Custom Shop Anniversary planks. Here is one for the Stratocaster animal in all of us, and one for the Telecaster speedo in some of us. Both are beautiful.

Humbucker rock? Here's an '85 Hamer Special that has more spunk than a litter of Husky pups. It was personally autographed and presented to Crag by the Reverend Willie G at a ZZ Top concert here in town. What's this? A Strat listed under humbucker rock? Actually it's an American Deluxe Stratocaster loaded with the new noise-free stacked humbuckers. They sound just like single coils. I've seen both good and bad reviews of these pickups; for the record, they are good. The teal finish and wood grain on this sexy thing will make your eyeballs bug out.

When the time is NOW for raunchy blues, only one sledge hammer will break the big stones; this '64 Gibson Melody Maker has a funky wail that can make you feel the pain.

Speaking of blues, how 'bout some acoustic blues. There's this '46 Gibson L50 that still carries the scars from decades of abuse behind bars at the Nebraska State Pen, and a 1912 Gibson L1 parlor guitar. Each has it's own unique tone and personality. Both do the blues in style, despite their non-blues leanings.

A significant portion of Crag's formal musical education has been devoted to Classical guitar (he's an instructor), so naturally he has some beautiful nylon-stringed guitars including this exquisite Ramirez 1A Concert. The sound is truly inspiring. Here are some pics (no reviews) of his other classicals: Dauphin, Esteve, Goya.

You gotta have amps. Here are two of the finest; a half stack Marshall JCM 800 for those British tones, and a Fender Vibro King for the thrill of your life.
Crag playing his mahogany Fender acoustic guitar

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