Mesa/Boogie Studio .22 amp

How do you measure versatility? It seems to me this little 1 x 12" combo almost defines versatility where small amps are concerned (within the realm of mild to mid level overdrive). Loud enough for most small to medium sized indoor gigs, and in some rooms you'd swear you were listening to a larger cabinet. Consider also its compact dimensions (ease of transport), quality construction and killer tones and it becomes clear that this thing will be the amp used every place you open your guitar case. Clean enough for jazz at lower volumes, perfect for blues and rock. Heavy metal? No way. Fusion and such? Maybe.

Looking at the graphic eq you can see that Phil keeps the mids pulled way down. He's using his Gary Moore Les Paul at this gig, but I would bet the eq stays at or near these settings for each of his collection of axes. It's also miked in this medium sized room; just a little through the sound system to add some fullness.
Mesa/Boogie Studio .22 amp.
Phil playing a tune

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