About Guitar Chasers of Texas

First, I want to thank you with all my heart for visiting the Guitar Chasers of Texas website. I hope you find it interesting and helpful in some way.

My name is Lloyd and I am pleased to present this site which, hopefully, offers something a bit different and useful to musicians surfing the web. This site was built simply as an expression of my love for music and the instrument I chose to play while pursuing that passion. Our website first came into being in GeoCities during August, 2000, and since then has enjoyed a steady increase in the number of visits by you... guitarists of the world. I'm a native Texan, raised on a horse farm in the desert area outside El Paso. The Guitar Chasers consist of myself and a group of close friends with whom I've worked and jammed during the past thirty four years. I've been a working musician on the regional music scene since 1966, and in addition to guitar I play keyboards and bass. My main musical interests are rock n roll, jazz, blues, folk and acoustic. I have also played country, r&b and salsa. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and have ridden motocross and desert races for twenty four years. I love guitars and bikes, but the main reason I survive in this musical world is because I love my beautiful wife of 40 years, Nancy, and our eight children and nine grandchildren.

As for the Guitar Chasers of Texas website, you can expect updates and new material as often as time permits, at least every month or two. You'll find more website details on the Legal Page. Thanks again for dropping by and please come back again. Should you have any comments (good or bad) or questions, please email us:

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Lloyd with the Downtown Gators; Feb.2001

About Our Featured Guitars

You may be wondering why many of our featured guitars are low priced, out of production, and in some cases cheezy axes. We feature these guitars because they are sensible options as players TOOLS. These types of axes are what the majority of the world's guitarists are jamming with every day.

Just like you, we would love to have a large arsenal of the finest guitars scattered about our homes. But reality usually prevails and often we've found ourselves playing whatever axe happened to fall into our hands. Yes, we know that nothing can compare to a fine PRS Dragon, Custom Shop Strat or Gibson Les Paul Signature model, but there are plenty of websites devoted to these expensive axes which are unobtainable to most of us.

These featured axes are some of our favorites which we've found being used by many players, and which we've used repeatedly during the last thirty years. They do have virtue and we are proud to PLAY them, even when our axe-buddies snicker at us.